The Ideal Week for High Achieving School Leaders

As a school leader, you have so many things to accomplish in a week. We hear so many owners and directors saying they are working 12 hour days just to get everything doesn't need to be this way! 

Do you want to create an ideal week for yourself that allows you to complete your to-do lists while still having time your for family and doing the things that you love? 

Do you want to grow your school and have time to complete those high-level tasks but can't fathom doing that because it would require more work? 
If you answered YES! This workshop is a must-attend for you. 

Have eliminated 4-5 Hours a week of distraction

Are spending more time with their families

Have higher retention rates 

Have more time to focus on things that are important to them 


A customized calendar, specifically for you and your school, of your week with the key priorities to focus on to move your school forward. 

Clarity of where your time should be going to drive profit in your center

Clarity on what are distractions vs emergencies 

Clarity on types of boundaries you need to set in your schedule to limit interruptions

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Grab the 36 Page Scripts Workbook for only $197 $97! 

Email, Phone, and In-Person Scripts so you can enter the conversation with confidence and trust your decision-making.
Scripts designed to navigate difficult conversations in a way that builds a great culture. Some scripts include...
  • Talking points to invite collaboration
  • Questions to hold your admin team accountable
  • How to invite a veteran teacher to change and grow
  • How to encourage more confidence in a teacher
  • Talking points for a parent who doesn't follow school policy 
  • ....and so many more!

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this workshop features...

90 Minutes Workshop Video with Training and Done-With-You Implementation walk-thru

Workbook for Guided Implementation 

Clarity on what an Ideal Week means for you

Practical plans and strategies on how to schedule your priorities so you're not leaving it up to chance

Gain the input and advice from other High Achieving School Leaders on what's working and is driving their current success

The guidance from an industry expert, with over 15 years of experience in the field.

And much more...

Workshop: Ideal Week for High Achieving Owners$299

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I feel more empowered to ask staff to do things themselves instead of doing everything for them. I'm also able to work part time of the day from home, and I've been taking more time to do "Director Things."
Anne Schweiss
I had a staff meeting today full of emotions. THANK YOU Chanie Wilschanski for giving me dialogues that I didn't even realize I had retained in my mind. After the meeting when I had a moment to myself and was doing a "play by play" I was amazed at how Chanie was actually "in my meeting" today. Thank you for using and repeating phrases that stuck in my subconscious.
Arvinder Sodhi
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